About Us

Hi my name is Christina Van Aert and I have been with Richway as their Royal Family Member for over 17 years now. Richway is an incredible company to work for. Their products are of highest quality and meet the highest standards in the health industry. I have been witness to thousands of customers who are enjoying and benefiting from the magical properties of mid and far infrared and negative ion amethyst/tourmaline bio mats. And that's not all. The newly released Bioacoustic Sound Therapy mat and the near infrared BioLight are both complimentary products that will enhance your BioMat experience and offer profound healing. You can check these out on our website here or at www.bio-matcanada.com. Please feel free to contact me anytime you have questions or are wanting to place an order. I also offer a nice customer referral program and the best distributor support if you choose you the distributorship opportunity. I would love to work with you! Thank you for visiting me here and for purchasing your BioMat products with me.